How to handle your baby

How to move the newborn baby

To take the baby in your arms you must do it slowly, soft and serene, always close to you, in contact with your body.The contact and sound of your heartbeat will reassure you. The newborn loves skin-to-skin contact and it is good for the father to practice it as well. This way the baby will be able to familiarize himself with the smell, touch and color of his parents’ skin.

Until the baby does not complete the first month, he has no control over his head, because the neck muscles are not very strong yet.

When you lift or lay him down, you should hold his head with one hand because otherwise he may be frightened to feel his head falling back.The other arm is placed behind the back, holding from the nape of the neck along its spine.

Once raised, snuggle it in your arms. Try not to lift it with cold hands, because it will suffer the change of temperature.

Do not pick up or lay down sharply, and try not to wear bracelets or rings that could hurt you.

Handle Your Baby


How to massage your newborn baby

The massage is pleasurable for your baby and will serve to show your affection and calm him when he is restless.Choose a nice and warm place and make sure nobody bother them.

Place the baby on a towel or a sheet and begin to massage very soft, with the palm of the hands, from the head down uniformly and symmetrically on both sides of the body.

Keep in touch with the baby by talking to him tenderly and looking into his eyes.

Head: Start the massage from the center to the sides of the face. Also on his forehead, over his eyebrows, with both thumbs from the center to the sides.

Neck and Shoulders : Gently massage down the back, from the ears to the shoulders, and forward, from the chin to the chest.

Arms: Gently press the entire arm with the fingers beginning with the shoulder and ending with the fingers.

Chest and abdomen: Massage gently on the chest, descending the ribs, in the abdomen from the navel to the outside with circular motions.

Legs: Squeeze gently from thigh to knee. Then the same operation from the calf to the ankle.

Feet: Massage the ankles from the heel to the toes, stopping at each of your toes.

Back: Give a gentle massage from the center of the back outwards and from the nape to the buttocks.

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