How to Make the Most of Bed Rest (and the Last Weeks of Pregnancy)

Sometimes due to unexpected reasons, you might end up in bed for a longer period than you anticipated. This could be due to a complicated pregnancy or because of something as normal as the last weeks of pregnancy. In the last weeks of pregnancy, you have to take care of yourself diligently and so, you are most likely to stay in bed and rest until it is time for your baby to come out. This could be really boring because let’s face it, who likes to stay in bed for days at end?

This infographic will tell you that Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimp. So, what all can you do to make the most of your bed rest?

  1. Planning

Well, now that you are sentenced to stay in bed until the baby is born, you might as well plan all the things you would need to do once your baby is born. You can plan on all the baby items that you need to buy and what formula or crib you would buy for your baby. Basically, use this time to do the thorough research which would help you in providing comfort and safety to your baby.

  1. Stretch a little

When you are in bed rest, your body will revolt at times because it is not used to staying inactive for long periods of time. So, to avoid this situation, you can perform regular stretched in your bed itself. You don’t have to stretch too much, just a little stretch for a few minutes could do wonders.

  1. Keep in touch

Make sure that you don’t isolate yourself during this time and get in touch with your family and friends as often as you can. You can also discuss your baby plans with them and take their help to run a few errands for you.

  1. Work from home

If you love working and if it has been Okayed by your doctor, then you can also take up work from home and get done with your assignments and tasks. This way, you would be occupied while making good progress on your work so that you are not swamped with files when you return back to the office.

  1. Entertain yourself

You can also use this time to entertain yourself by watching movies or listening to music. If you are a book nerd, you could also use this time to get on track with your reading list. This will not only keep you entertained but you would be exposing your baby to many great literary books too.

  1. Take care of yourself

The most important thing to do during bed rest is to take care of yourself. Don’t over stress yourself by performing difficult tasks or complicated tasks. Keep it simple and safe. Make notes or write diary entries, stay loads of water, keep yourself happy and think about how your future is going to look like. Make sure you take your food on time and maintain a healthy, balanced diet too.

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