5 Things Every Parent Should Know About Baby Acne

Ever noticed those red, little spots on your newborn baby’s face and body? That is Baby Acne. Yes, you heard it right. Babies get acne too, it is not just limited to teenagers. So why is your little bundle of joy covered in all this acne? How can you prevent it or even better, how can you reduce it? These are all the questions which we have in mind when dealing with baby acne and a good information about this can tremendously help you in keeping a check on your baby’s acne.

So here are the top 5 things which you should know about Baby Acne:

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  • What is the root cause?

It is still not clear why babies suffer from acne and how does it really happen but a general knowledge is that the babies are exposed to their mother’s hormones which in turn triggers the oil glands in their own body which results in an acne breakout. There is no specific thing which could have triggered this and there is no way to prevent this during pregnancy but since these go away quickly, there is nothing really to worry about here.

  • How can you prevent it?

There is no particular way to prevent it during a pregnancy but you can surely reduce it from expanding by following a few careful tips.

  • Don’t use adult products on your babies’ skin

There is a reason that the baby products exist. Adult products are made of harsh chemicals which are not suitable for your baby’s soft and vulnerable skin and as a result, their skin is more likely to react with the chemicals present. So make sure you always use baby products for your baby and not lather them up with your own adult products.

  • Keep your baby clean and dry

As we already know acne is more likely to grow on moist and dirty areas, so make sure you keep your baby clean and dry at all times. You don’t have to bathe your newborn every day but using a warmly soaked towel to clean them up can help tremendously. So make sure you always change your baby’s wet clothes and keep them neat and dry. You can use Car seats for infants and jogging strollers to keep your baby clean, protected and safe.

  • How to reduce the acne?

While you can’t completely make the acne go away, you can certainly help in reducing its exposure. Use a little breast milk on the affected areas and repeat this process 2-3 times a day. In a few days, you will notice that your baby’s skin is clear and healthy again.

If the breastmilk doesn’t work, don’t worry the acne will go away soon enough if you keep your baby clean and dry at all times. Don’t let them rub their acne prone skin and the acne breakout should disappear in some time.

  • Will they return once being fixed?

You might wonder if the acne will return once your baby is clear of them. No need to worry, now your baby won’t suffer from any acne as long as you keep your baby clean and dry. The acne will only return when your baby hits their puberty and well, then there is nothing you can do really.

  • Is it acne or something else?

Acne can be sometimes mistaken for whiteheads, pimples or eczema but it is always wise to consult with a health professional to make sure that your baby has acne only. If it is not acne and some other skin disease, you might need to contact the health professional and get the treatment for it. So it is always best to consult with a professional before assuming.

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